Helpful Info

Lady pays for meal by credit card


  • An 8.25% sales tax is applied in the city of Longview.

  • Hotel Room Tax is currently 15%.


  • Taxi drivers, bartenders, and waiters generally receive a 20% gratuity on the pre-tax amount of your bill for standard service, though it is appropriate to leave a 25%-plus gratuity for exceptional service.

  • Hotel doormen and valet parking attendants are tipped approximately $2.

  • Bellhops are tipped $2 per bag.

  • Hotel chambermaids are usually tipped $2 per day.


Longview is on Central Standard Time (CST). That’s 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), 1 hour behind New York City (EST), 1 hour ahead of Mountain Time (MST), and 2 hours ahead of Los Angeles (PST)


Check with your local service provider for an international plan before you visit.

  • Telephone area codes: 903 and 430

  • Directory assistance: 411

  • Emergency: 911